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  • Update on “KiGa 3” – Vaterstetten’s third kindergarten in Alem Katema

    Finally the time has come, the building authority of the municipality in Alem Katema has granted the building permit for our third kindergarten, the local partnership secretary, Abebaw Birhanu, informed the board yesterday, Monday. The building permit is largely based on the plans of the architect Ralph Maurer from Vaterstetten,

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  • Alem Katema has a new mayor

    Our Ethiopian twin town has a new mayor: Since the beginning of March, the mayor of our African twin community is Atilabachew Fekele, who has already held this office twice. The new mayor was also the first mayor of alem Katmea after the Ethiopian municipality became county-free in November 2010,

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  • New Partnership Secretary in Alem Katema

    Important personnel decisions in Alem Katema: Desalegn Wondimneh, secretary of the partnership since 2014, reached the Ethiopian retirement age of 60 at the end of October 2021. For three more years, he will now continue to work as “Permanent Secretary” and thus as a kind of managing director of the

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  • KG3: Alem Katema promises its share

    Alem Katema wants to collect the equivalent of 14,000 € for the 3rd kindergarten. The first fundraising campaign in Ethiopia since the partnership was founded shows how important the 3rd kindergarten is to the people in their town. At a citizens’ meeting in early February, the 450 participants therefore decided

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  • Four ultrasound machines arrived

    The partnership association can do more than just kindergarten: At the beginning of the year, an ultrasound machine arrived at the ENAT Hospital in Alem Katema, the transport of which had been organized by the association from Germany. Shortly after, it was in use and Dr. Belay Gelata, the medical

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