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A 3rd kindergarten is the biggest wish of our partner town Alem Katema in Ethiopia. Around 300 children between the ages of four and six will be able to attend a kind of preschool. In total, almost 1000 children will have a chance for a better future in our facilities. Children with disabilities will also be able to attend classes from now on. We still need 150,000 euros for this project. Every donation counts! ★ More information about the project and the campaign.

All of our three majors supporting our project and asking you to donate!

Bank account for donations with bank transfer:
„Partnerschaft für Alem Katema e.V.“, Kreissparkasse München Starnberg Ebersberg
IBAN: DE67 7025 0150 0000 5524 22

When donating by bank transfer, please provide us not only with your mailing address, but also with your email address.

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