The association in Vaterstetten (Germany)

Shortly after the decision of the Vaterstetten municipal council to enter into a partnership with the city of Alem Katema, the non-profit association “Partnership with Alem Katema” was founded in 1994. Today, it has more than 600 members.


Our board

 Anton-Stephan-Schnitt02-scaledAnton Stephan, 1st Chairman
In 2004 I was in Alem Katema for the first time. During this trip I lost my heart to Alem Katema and its friendly population.
For this reason I am committed to "Partnership with Alem Katema". I am happy that I was elected as the 1st chairman for the seventh time in January 2023. We can only make a small contribution to improve the lives of the people in our twin town. We want to use this chance.
wiesmueller129x176Joachim Wiesmüller, 2nd Chairman
Through my earlier commitment to the Ofenmacher e.V., I came to love Alem Katema and appreciate the impact of the partnership association, which also always supported me very much. Consequently. For me, in addition to the existing important, and therefore obligatory, initiatives of the association for social affairs, education and health, I see a growing challenge in the creation of perspectives and livelihood opportunities for young people.
 Armin-Pfau-Schnitt02-scaled-e1634565747500Armin Pfau, Treasurer
Children are the innocent victims of any "circumstances". They are therefore the grateful target of our assistance. The past and future achievements of our association
are a small contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of the children in Alem Katema. This includes the planned construction of the third kindergarten.
Stephan-Kruse-Schnitt-scaledStephan Kruse, Secretary
From the beginning, I have been inspired by the idea of partnership between these two communities - across such great differences, but still in one world. I am delighted to be able to play a part in shaping this partnership. Now I am looking forward to my first visit to Alem Katema.
 Sara-Bekele-Schnitt02Sara Bekele, Associate
I grew up in Ethiopia and have lived in Germany for 22 years. I have been active in the association since 2004. At events, I have provided cultural contribution by performing the Ethiopian coffee ceremony and serving Ethiopian food. I am happy that I can now also be active in the board as an assessor.
Stephan-Kruse-Schnitt-scaledKay Rainer, Assessor
Through development projects in Senegal, I was able to get to know the President of the Republic and Chairman of the African Union, Macky Sall, personally in 2016. And so, as a citizen of Vaterstetten, it quickly became clear to me that I would also like to volunteer for projects in our Ethiopian twin town of Alem Katema.
Stephan-Kruse-Schnitt-scaledTewodros Yermiru, Assessor

Stephan-Kruse-Schnitt-scaledChristian Noll, Assessor

Gabriele Reinhard, Associate