Kindergarten 3 Projektbeschreibung

Kindergarten 3: All about the project

Now it finally becomes reality: the 3rd kindergarten in Alem Katema. For approximately 350 children, a new building will be constructed in a previously undeveloped district. This would increase the number of children attending facilities financed by Vaterstetten citizens to about 1000. And that’s not all: for the first time in Alem Katema, children with disabilities are to find a place in the kindergartens and thus, at last, they too will have access to education and equal opportunities. The motto of the project: “More children a chance!”

The reason why we also want to offer places specifically for children with disabilities: The earlier a promotion begins, the better. Until they are sent to school, if at all, by their parents, the train has usually left. In addition to the new construction of a third kindergarten, we also want to convert the other two kindergartens (“Vaterstetten”/”Baldham”) to make them handicapped accessible. In addition, all existing kindergarten teachers and new staff will be trained to teach blind and deaf children.

Unfortunately, a lot of time has passed since our groundbreaking ceremony in 2014 – especially the construction costs have increased immensely. But also the possibilities to get project grants have changed from year to year. On the other hand, the need for a 3rd kindergarten has not changed – especially if it is inclusive. Now we’re going to act fast!

More information on the KiGa-Project: BackgroundPlans

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