Update on “KiGa 3” – Vaterstetten’s third kindergarten in Alem Katema

Finally the time has come, the building authority of the municipality in Alem Katema has granted the building permit for our third kindergarten, the local partnership secretary, Abebaw Birhanu, informed the board yesterday, Monday.

The building permit is largely based on the plans of the architect Ralph Maurer from Vaterstetten, who, together with his team from his architectural office “ram architekten gmbh”, developed them on a voluntary basis in a magnificent masterly effort. As a friend and supporter of our twin town and our association, we cannot mention often enough how grateful we all are to Ralph for this great commitment!

However, in order to be able to submit the plans to the local building authority in Alem Katema for a building permit, they still had to be detailed and completed. This was done, in accordance with the official requirements, by an architectural office on site. Functional requirements that were identified later were also incorporated.

Birkabirk Teshome, our former mayor of Alem Katema, has promised the partner association that he will support this great project with his experts. Teshome, who has been responsible for the construction projects in the North-Shoa Plain, the administrative district, since the beginning of this year, has many civil engineers under him in the new position of town developer. For the partnership association and the city of Alem Katema it is a great gift that Birkabirk Teshome, who by the way has already visited us twice in the community of Vaterstetten, still feels responsible for the jointly adopted project.

What happens next? The next step will be a nationwide tender for the project by the city of Alem Katema, which is now also the building owner thanks to the building permit that has been granted. It is therefore absolutely realistic that construction can begin in the middle of the year.

In order to meet our requirements and those of the donors, an independent person will be employed by the partnership association to supervise the construction. The work carried out will thus be professionally checked by this qualified specialist in order to be able to justify the requests for payment that are made after each construction phase.

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