The committee in Alem Katema

On the Ethiopian side, the association is opposed by a committee of citizens from the town of Alem Katema. It consists of representatives of politics, civil society and employees of the association facilities. Since 2014, there is a “permanent secretary” as managing director, who is paid by the association and is available every day for all tasks of the association and helps to shape them.

Mitglieder des Komitees

Desalegn Wondimneh,
the former physics teacher, has been a member of the partnership committee since the beginning - since 2014 he has been the full-time "Permanent Secretary". Desalegn has already visited Vaterstetten four times.
Desta Andarge,
has been mayor since 2015 and is a great friend and supporter of the partnership. Not only as chairman of the committee, he is a reliable partner for our cooperation - he has already been to Germany twice.
Birhane Aytenfisu,
is the treasurer of the committee and representative 3rd district (kebele sost).
Solomon Hailesilase,
is Amharic teacher at the "Prepatory School" and representative of the 2nd district (kebele ulet).
Anteneh Lema,
is manager of the 1st district (kebele ant) and sits on the committee for it.
Mamo Gocho,
is the director of the "Ethio Milennium Primary School" and represents it in the committee.
Tatertework Mamuye,
is head of the kindergarten "Vaterstetten" and represents this committee.
Yeshewatsehay Esubalew,
is the director of the "Baldham" kindergarten and also sits on the committee for it.