KG3: Alem Katema promises its share

Alem Katema wants to collect the equivalent of 14,000 € for the 3rd kindergarten. The first fundraising campaign in Ethiopia since the partnership was founded shows how important the 3rd kindergarten is to the people in their town. At a citizens’ meeting in early February, the 450 participants therefore decided to collect almost 10% of the still needed donations themselves. Officials in our partner community are even to be obliged to make a contribution and each citizen is to donate as much as he or she can. The city and the district will also try to contribute something to the construction from their own budgets. During the implementation of the project, donations of materials and labor are also expected. The driver of the donation campaign is the new leadership of the partnership in Alem Katema: the long serving secretary Desalegn Wondimneh and the new secretary Abebaw Birhanu. Their strong message: “Yes, we can!”.

The 3rd kindergarten after “Vaterstetten” and “Baldham” has been promised since 2014 and was already then the biggest wish of the Ethiopian partners. In the meantime, the citizens are more convinced of the project than ever: Since the traffic in Alem Katema is increasing, the third kindergarten and associated with it the shorter travel is seen as an increase in safety. The citizens of Alem Katema are also particularly pleased that the partner association intends to offer the new kindergarten to children with disabilities.

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