Acquire a Brick-Certificate

Spitzauer did it, Wirnitzer did it – and many, many other Vaterstetten residents have done it too: buying one or more brick certificates to finance the construction of our third kindergarten. 300 to 400 children between the ages of four and six will have the chance to lay a great foundation for their education by attending a preschool. The certificates are also ideal as gifts for friends and customers – for this purpose there are certificates naming both donor and recipient. There is one certificate for every €50 donated – other denominations are also possible for customer gifts (up to €35).

For more information, contact or +49 177 7995166.

Donate with Paypal:

Or with a bank transfer: Account: Kreissparkasse München Starnberg Ebersberg, IBAN: DE67 7025 0150 0000 5524 22, BIC: BYLADEM1KMS (Add name, address and e-mail)

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