Board elections 2021: Old staff – new élan

With the old team into a new future – what often seems impossible in politics, the partnership association will now implement. At the belated new elections on October 9 in the Vaterstetten OHA, the previous management team was confirmed, yet there is an enormous spirit of optimism. One feels closer to the construction of the third kindergarten than ever before. And also mayor Leo Spitzauer is pleased about the “living partnership”.
Anton Stephan, the first chairman of the association, was unanimously confirmed in office by the approximately 30 members present. Joachim Wiesmüller, who has been working successfully as an assessor for more than two years, was appointed as his deputy. He replaces the late and unforgotten Norbert Paul, who passed away in November 2020. New to the board is treasurer Armin Pfau, who succeeds long-time treasurer Erick Mack. Former 2nd chairman Alexander Bestle is back on the board as an assessor after a break in office. Still on the board: Stefan Kruse (secretary) and assessors Andrea El-Masry, Sara Bekele and Natalya Wotte. The next elections will take place in January 2023.
Until then, there is an enormous amount to do: Above all, the 3rd kindergarten should finally become a reality. Back in 2014, the then mayor Georg Reitsberger laid the foundation stone for it. However, the project could not be started because the construction costs surprisingly exceeded the budget of the association. According to the latest estimates, the construction for 300 to 400 children between the ages of four and six will cost around €200,000 – and the association has earmarked an additional €50,000 for further training of the kindergarten staff and for the inclusion of children with disabilities. The association’s goal is therefore to collect €150,000 in donations by the end of the year. Alexander Bestle, who is responsible for projects in the association, called on all members not only to donate but also to spread the word of mouth: “Tell your friends and acquaintances about our great project! Make company owners and associations aware of us! There is no development project in our community that we can be so close to implementing.”
Close – this was also true for the association in the last 20 months, despite Corona: although travel activities came to a complete standstill, personal contact was replaced by virtual meetings. After all, during the height of the pandemic, those responsible from Alem Katema and Vaterstetten met almost weekly, and thus more frequently than ever before. The Corona task force organized support with food, hygiene items and masks, produced information material and had hand-washing stations set up. With the support of the Ethiopian Consulate General, the team brought medical supplies (such as protective suits) and equipment (e.g., ultrasound machines) to the twin city. For the first time, regular meetings were held virtually and with participation from Alem Katema. A VHS course on promoting entrepreneurship is currently underway with participants from both twin cities – another first for VHS and the partnership. “You have managed to see Corona as an opportunity not just a problem,” praised Mayor Spitzauer. Nevertheless, the association is looking forward to getting in touch with people directly again. At the latest at the Christkindlmarkt on the first Advent weekend (26 – 28.11.) on the church forecourt opposite the town hall. And hopefully soon again in Alem Katema.

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