A Christmas donation for our kindergarten in Ethiopia

The municipality of Vaterstetten, represented by the First Mayor Leonhard Spitzauer and the members of the municipal council, donated 4,000 euros for the construction of a kindergarten in their Ethiopian twin town Alem Katema. Due to the pandemic, this year’s association grant was not called and so the mayor had the idea to donate this sum to the association. “We are 100 percent convinced of the idea and its planned implementation,” said Mayor Leonhard Spitzauer. As a token of gratitude, the board members of the partnership association, Andrea El Masry and Alexander Bestle, presented a brick certificate to Mayor Spitzauer and the Vaterstetten community.

“We are extremely pleased and grateful for this generous support,” said Joachim Wiesmüller, vice chairman of the partnership association. Back in September, Mayor Leonhard Spitzauer and his two deputies, Maria Wirnitzer and Roland Meier, had called on citizens to donate to the partnership association’s major project. Since then, more than 60,000 euros have been collected. And thus more than 40 percent of the 150,000 euros needed by the partnership association.

In total, the “Kindergarten 3” project is expected to cost 250,000 euros. In addition to the construction of a new building for 300 to 400 children aged four to six, further training courses for kindergarten teachers and measures for the inclusion of children with disabilities are planned. A total of about 1,000 children will then be able to attend preschools built by the partnership association.

For donations of 50 euros or more, a brick certificate is available from the partnership association – also as a gift version with the name of the donor and the recipient. Further information on this, the project and a continuously updated donation barometer can be found on the association’s website: www.vaterstetten-alemkatema.de/kiga3/

Find a list of all our donors here!.

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